Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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boredom the state of being bored or of not feeling interested.
category a particular section of a main group; class.
divert to turn aside or away from something.
dormant asleep, or in a state of rest that is similar to sleep.
immature not completely grown or developed; not mature.
knoll a small rounded rise of land; hill.
lax not rigorous, strict, or careful; loose; lenient.
mindful careful; attentive (usually followed by "of").
pacify to calm or bring back peace of mind to.
presently in a little while; very soon.
proclaim to say or state for the public to know.
somber sad, dismal, or full of gloom.
successive following one after another.
suffuse of a color, liquid, or the like, to spread throughout or across the surface of.
withdrawal the state, act, or process of taking back, out, or away.