Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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animate to bring to life.
bamboozle (informal) to trick by deceptive claims, flattery, or the like; deceive.
cameo a stone carved so as to leave a slightly raised image of one color and a background of another, often worn as jewelry.
console1 to give comfort in time of loss or suffering; make less sad.
continuity the quality or state of having no breaks or interruptions.
coordinate to arrange or select things so that they work well together.
dainty small, pretty, and delicate.
executive a person who has a managing or directing role in a business or government.
invaluable having value too great to guess or measure; priceless.
mistaken being an error.
nook a corner of a room or a small area set off from a main room.
oppose to think, act, or be against; resist.
qualification something that makes a person fit for an activity or job.
somewhat in some measure, degree, or proportion; rather.
torrent a heavy flow of water with a strong current, such as a rushing stream, a flood, or a heavy rainfall.