Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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constitutional having to do with a constitution.
contraption (informal) a mechanical device, sometimes of odd design or construction; gadget.
diverse of different kinds or sorts.
embargo a government order that restricts trade or the shipment of goods.
excess more than is needed or usual; extra.
export the act of sending goods to another country to sell.
extraordinary very unusual; far beyond the ordinary.
futile unlikely to produce or incapable of producing a desired result; ineffective; useless.
inanimate not having or showing the characteristics associated with life; lifeless.
integration the process of bringing all parts together into a whole.
pigment anything that is used to or serves to provide color.
predatory living on the flesh of other animals.
rustic living or happening in the country.
shortcoming a fault or weakness in character, behavior, or ability.
suppliant a person who makes a heartfelt request.