Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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abase to bring down the rank, status, or reputation of; degrade.
adequate enough for the situation or need.
balm a soothing, healing ointment, often fragrant.
collective of or relating to a group that is composed of individuals but is considered together.
entice to lure or tempt, as by calling attention to the possible benefits of an action.
harmonize to bring into agreement or cause to combine pleasantly or satisfactorily.
jovial very cheerful, friendly, and merry; jolly.
medieval of, or having to do with the Middle Ages.
obstruction something that blocks the way or prevents progress.
presentation the act of showing or explaining, often to a group of people.
renegade a member who rejects the common beliefs or attitudes of a group such as a religious sect, political party, or business organization.
signify to serve as a sign of; mean.
tangible capable of being touched or perceived by touch.
texture the feel or look of a surface.
thereby as a result of that; by that means.