Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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annex to add or attach to something larger.
await to look forward to, or to stay in one place or condition in order to be ready for (someone or something).
competent having the skill to do something; capable.
depress to cause to be unhappy or in low spirits.
dictate to state or order with authority.
disgrace loss of respect, honor, or favor; shame.
duration the length of time during which something goes on.
enlist to sign up to serve in the military or in some cause.
gallant brave and dashing.
inaccurate not correct, true, or exact.
intended planned and done with complete awareness; intentional; deliberate.
obstacle something that stops forward movement or progress.
outrage an act that causes a strong feeling of anger because of its violence or cruelty.
savanna a flat plain covered with grass and few trees. Savannas are found in Africa and other tropical regions.
spawn to give rise to or result in; engender.