Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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altruistic unselfishly devoted to the welfare of others.
anathema something or someone despised or cursed.
cite to use the words of someone else; quote.
concealment the act of hiding something from sight, or the condition of being hidden from sight.
diffident unsure of oneself; shy; demure.
discretion the freedom or authority to use one's own judgment.
emaciate to waste away the flesh of, usually by starvation or disease; make extremely thin.
equestrian of or relating to horseback riding.
feign to pretend or fake; put on a false show of.
impasse a situation that allows no escape or solution; stalemate.
impeach to accuse a person in public office of wrong or improper conduct.
namesake one who has been named after another.
odoriferous having or spreading a scent, especially a pleasant or fragrant one.
piety worshipful devotion to and veneration of God or family.
subsume to classify, consider, or include (an idea, proposition, or the like) in a more comprehensive or general category or principle.