Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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abscond to leave suddenly and secretly, especially to avoid observation or capture.
altruistic unselfishly devoted to the welfare of others.
betroth to pledge or give in marriage.
defeatist characterized by an acceptance or expectation of failure.
exculpate to free (a person or group) from guilt or blame, or from the suspicion of guilt or blame.
facet one of the small, flat, polished surfaces of a cut gem.
indispose to cause unwillingness or disinclination in; make averse.
magnitude size or extent.
maritime of or relating to sea ships or navigation of the sea.
momentous very important.
provincial limited in outlook; narrow-minded.
punctilious strictly adhering to etiquette or formalities.
rudimentary of or pertaining to the basic or first principles; elementary.
sentient having the capacity to receive sensations; able to perceive.
wayward difficult to control; willfully disobedient.