Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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collusion action undertaken in secret partnership or collaboration, usually for illicit purposes.
dais a raised platform for speakers or the seating of special guests.
defeatist characterized by an acceptance or expectation of failure.
extricate to free or release from difficulty, entanglement, or involvement; disengage.
foretaste a partial, advance experience or realization of something that will come or happen in the future.
hubris the pride associated with arrogance; pride considered as sin.
indiscriminate lacking in judgment and discernment; making no distinctions.
intolerance inability or unwillingness to accept the existence or validity of opinions, beliefs, customs, and practices different from one's own.
invoke to call out to (a god, muse, or the like) for help, support, protection, or inspiration.
lassitude lack of mental or physical energy; weariness or listlessness; lethargy.
pellucid extremely clear in meaning.
perpetrate to commit or carry out (a crime, act of mischief, or the like).
precinct an area in a town or city that forms a separate district for voting or that is looked after by one police unit.
punctilious strictly adhering to etiquette or formalities.
repress to restrain or prevent the expression of (feelings, utterances, or the like).