Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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adjoin to be next to; border on.
agnostic one who believes it is impossible to know anything about the existence or nonexistence of God or about the essential nature of things beyond the material universe.
ashen1 of the color of ashes; very pale.
copious abundant in number or quantity; plentiful.
gibe a mocking or derisive comment.
manifest to show plainly; display; demonstrate.
namesake one who has been named after another.
noxious harmful, dangerous, or destructive, especially to health.
paean a song or hymn sung as an expression of praise.
piquant of food, having a deliciously sharp or spicy taste.
presumption a belief that is taken for granted but not proved.
sacrosanct so important or revered as to be beyond any alteration or criticism.
spate a sudden rush, outpouring, or flood.
subversive tending or intended to undermine or cause the overthrow of an established authority, especially a national government.
tenuous having little substance, support, or significance; flimsy; weak.