Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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banter joking, clever conversation.
derange to cause to be mentally ill.
epoch an important period in human history.
fallacy a false or misleading idea or notion, especially one that is commonly held.
glacial of, concerning, coming from, or marked by the presence of glaciers or other large ice masses.
increment a rise or addition in number or value, often small.
interloper a person who intrudes in the affairs of others; meddler.
menial lowly or degrading; servile.
mutable able or likely to change.
pinnacle the highest point or part of anything; apex; summit.
prepossess to inspire or impress favorably beforehand.
protocol the proper or agreed upon way of conducting oneself or of doing something.
sacrosanct so important or revered as to be beyond any alteration or criticism.
unqualified lacking the appropriate knowledge or qualifications.
venial able to be excused, pardoned, or forgiven, as a minor error, offense, or sin. (Cf. mortal.)