Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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arable capable of being farmed.
canvass to conduct a survey of; poll.
dalliance a wasting away of time; loitering; dawdling.
exhaustive thorough and all-encompassing.
forestall to prevent or hinder by taking action beforehand.
fractious inclined to be irritable and quarrelsome; cranky.
hallow to respect or honor highly; venerate.
invocation the act or process of calling out to a god, muse, or the like, for help, support, or inspiration.
iterate to say or do again or repeatedly.
juxtaposition the state of being placed side by side, especially for the purposes of comparison and contrast.
laudable worthy of praise.
overt openly apparent; not concealed. (Cf. covert.)
posit to propose or suggest as an account of something or as a contribution to an understanding of something.
spar2 to make boxing movements without hitting hard, as for practice or in fun.
upshot the most important issue, result, or conclusion.