Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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chagrin embarrassment or humiliation arising from disappointment or failure.
embellishment a beautifying decoration or addition.
enigmatic puzzling, mysterious, or inexplicable.
fiasco an utter and shameful failure.
hoodwink to trick, deceive, or dupe.
indelible incapable of being removed or obliterated; permanent.
infringe to cross established limits; encroach; trespass (usually followed by "on" or "upon").
interrelate to place in or come into a shared, mutual, or reciprocal relationship.
parable a very short story told to teach a moral or religious lesson.
profane irreverent or irreligious; blasphemous.
prostrate to lie or throw (oneself) flat on the ground, especially face down in an act of humility, worship, or the like.
reassess to evaluate again.
revile to speak about or speak to with hostile insults; disparage or abuse.
rote unthinking or mechanical routine or habit.
transitory lasting for only a short time; brief.