Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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affectation falseness or superficiality of appearance or behavior; pretense.
artisan a person skilled in making things, especially by using the hands. People such as those who make furniture, quilts, or other crafts are artisans.
benefactor one who helps or performs a good for an individual or an institution, usually by giving money.
bilk to defraud or swindle, especially by avoiding due or promised payment.
cogitate to think over something carefully or at length.
concomitant existing or happening at the same time as something else, especially as the less important thing or event; accompanying; attendant.
defray to pay or assist in the payment of (costs or the like).
denude to strip bare; remove covering from.
perforate to make a hole in.
prescriptive that prescribes; setting down rules.
prophetic foretelling or revealing the future.
repugnant extremely distasteful to one's senses or principles; disgusting.
spontaneous happening in a free way; not forced.
torrid parched or scorched by the sun, as a geographic area.
uncritical not making critical judgments or discriminations, especially those based on standards.