Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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ascendant moving upward; rising.
caprice a sudden, impulsive change of mind or direction, or an unpredictable action.
conciliatory tending to placate or reconcile.
constituent forming a part of something.
curvature the condition of being bent or rounded.
dignitary one who holds a high office or rank.
disincline to cause to be unwilling or reluctant.
emancipate to free from slavery or other control.
emend to correct or improve (written text), especially by removing errors; edit.
empirical based on or verifiable by experience or experiment, rather than on or by theory.
miasma a thick, obscuring vapor.
partake to take part; participate (usually followed by "in").
subsidiary assisting or supplementing.
travail strenuous and often painful or exhausting work; toil.
uproarious causing loud or uncontrollable laughter; hilarious.