Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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absurdity the condition or quality of being absurd, of being completely contrary to logic or the normal order of things.
ardor very strong feelings; passion; fervor.
beneficent tending to do good; kindly; charitable.
circumscribe to keep within bounds; confine; restrict.
confidant one to whom a secret or secrets are entrusted.
indubitable without question; certain.
inferiority the fact or condition of being lesser in quality, worth, importance, rank, or position.
paraphrase a restatement of a passage or text in somewhat different words so as to simplify, clarify, or amplify.
ramshackle poorly constructed or in disrepair; rickety.
recalcitrant stubbornly disobedient; refractory.
remunerative providing or likely to provide payment or reward; profitable.
resurrection a return to life after death.
sentient having the capacity to receive sensations; able to perceive.
vintage a class of objects produced during a certain era or year.
waiver the intentional relinquishing of a right, claim, or privilege, or a suspension of an existing rule or policy.