Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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allure to attract strongly by appealing to people's inner wishes; tempt.
axiom an obvious or generally accepted principle.
brusque impolitely abrupt in speech or actions; curt.
constraint a state of confinement or restraint.
delude to cause to hold a false belief; mislead; deceive.
diffidence reticence; shyness.
felicity an instance or condition of great happiness; bliss.
gaseous in the form of or resembling a gas.
inane devoid of meaning or substance; nonsensical.
invalidate to deprive a claim of force or effect by negating its factual or legal basis.
obscene offensive and not decent.
presumptuous excessively bold or forward.
prudent showing good judgment and caution; sensible.
repress to restrain or prevent the expression of (feelings, utterances, or the like).
timely happening at just the right moment.