Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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abridge to make shorter.
brazen shameless; bold.
chattel any article of property not attached to lands or buildings; movable property.
convergent tending to move toward a common point or intersection.
coy artfully shy or retiring; playfully but calculatingly reticent.
diminution the act, process, or result of decreasing or declining.
hysteria in an individual or group, an uncontrollable outburst of fear or other emotions, producing fits of weeping, laughter, irrational behavior, or the like.
linguistic of or pertaining to language or the study of language.
loner one who stays by himself or herself much of the time, especially by choice or inclination.
perceptual of, relating to, or involving perception.
ramshackle poorly constructed or in disrepair; rickety.
rebuff to reject, repel, block, or set back.
sacrosanct so important or revered as to be beyond any alteration or criticism.
staid formal, solemn, and reserved in character.
utilitarian of, concerning, or aiming at usefulness.