Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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adulterate to make worse or impure by adding unnecessary or inferior ingredients.
advantageous giving a benefit or advantage; helpful; useful.
amalgamation the act, process, or result of combining two or more, often disparate, things.
comradeship friendship based on shared or group activities or interests.
coterie a small, exclusive group of friends or associates with similar interest or activities; clique.
languid lacking or not showing strength, energy, or spirit; weak, slow, or listless.
mainstay the main support of something.
necessitate to make unavoidable; require.
odoriferous having or spreading a scent, especially a pleasant or fragrant one.
prospectus a written description or summary of a proposed project.
recompense payment or action to compensate for the expenditure or loss of time, money, property, or the like.
repertoire the stock or list of artistic pieces, such as dramatic or operatic roles, that a player or company of players is prepared to perform.
repository a container or place where things may be stored; storage unit or space.
savory1 having a pleasant taste or smell; appetizing.
unfrock to deprive of priestly status.