Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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axiom an obvious or generally accepted principle.
cupidity exceptional desire for money or other material possessions; greed.
disputation the act or process of arguing or debating a topic.
glacial of, concerning, coming from, or marked by the presence of glaciers or other large ice masses.
hedonistic adhering to or characterized by the principle that pleasure should be the primary aim in life.
impiety lack of reverence or respect, especially for what others consider sacred.
inherent existing in or belonging to something as an essential or inborn part of its nature; innate; intrinsic.
momentous very important.
myopic unable to see objects clearly from a distance; nearsighted.
pompous showing an exaggerated sense of own's own importance.
precept a basic rule, principle, or directive that guides action, moral conduct, or thought.
proficient adept or skilled, usually as a result of study or practice.
quandary a situation of uncertainty, puzzlement, or hesitation; dilemma.
titular having a title but none of the power or responsibility related to it; nominal.
wizened shriveled or dried up.