Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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amenity (plural) social courtesies; agreeable manners; pleasantries.
bolster to give support with a cushion or pillow.
connive to join secretly in a plot; conspire.
disperse to drive away in all directions; scatter.
flagrant exceptionally or glaringly noticeable.
harmonious characterized by agreement or accord.
incorrigible incapable of being controlled or influenced for the better.
momentous very important.
propitious offering favorable circumstances or conditions; opportune; promising.
protuberance that which projects; bulge or bump.
sprightly lively, spirited, or energetic.
sustenance nourishment that maintains life; food.
throe (usually plural) any convulsive or anguished struggle, or great exertion.
vigil a watch or period of surveillance, especially one kept during normal sleeping hours.
witticism a clever, often perceptive joke, insult, or saying.