Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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bauble a showy or gaudy trinket or ornament of little value.
capitulate to surrender or acquiesce.
catharsis in psychotherapy, the bringing of repressed thoughts and feelings to consciousness in order to release emotional tension, or the release itself.
discordant in conflict or disagreement.
dote to have or show too much love or affection (usually followed by "on" or "upon").
exchangeable capable of being interchanged with or given in return for another.
fleck a small patch of light or color.
imperceptible so gradual or subtle as to be unnoticed or unnoticeable.
imprecise not exact, accurate, or well-defined; vague.
indigence lack of means to live; poverty.
kinetic of, concerning, or caused by motion.
patronage the financial or other support given to a business establishment by its customers or clients.
persevere to continue steadfastly in a task or course of action or hold steadfastly to a belief or commitment, especially when met with opposition or difficulties; persist.
ribald characterized by or using rude, coarse, or vulgar language or humor.
rile to make angry; irritate or annoy.