Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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bucolic of or suggesting the countryside or a rustic style of life, especially one that is quiet and pleasant.
complement to go well with, complete, or perfect.
diminution the act, process, or result of decreasing or declining.
grapple to grasp, twist, or wrestle in close combat.
invertebrate without a backbone
iota an extremely small amount.
irreverent not having or showing respect.
magnanimous having or showing a generous, forgiving, or noble nature.
ornamentation decoration; embellishment.
sophomoric displaying intellectual pretentiousness or proud confidence about one's knowledge when actually poorly informed or immature.
spontaneous happening in a free way; not forced.
spurious not genuine, authentic, or valid; false.
staid formal, solemn, and reserved in character.
sublime exalted or noble; lofty.
vociferous crying out, especially in protest; vocal; clamorous.