Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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circumstantial relevant but not essential; incidental.
derivation the source of a thing; origin.
fragility the condition of being delicate and easily broken.
imperfection a flaw or fault.
maritime of or relating to sea ships or navigation of the sea.
melodrama behavior or events, in reality or fiction, with similarly exaggerated features or effects.
namesake one who has been named after another.
noncommittal not revealing what one's preference, feeling, or opinion is.
onus an unwanted but necessary task; burden.
pursuant following on or proceeding from (usually followed by "to").
raiment clothing; dress; apparel.
splice to join (two pieces of film, tape, or similar things) at the ends.
vindicate to free from an accusation, suspicion, or doubt by indisputable proof.
waiver the intentional relinquishing of a right, claim, or privilege, or a suspension of an existing rule or policy.
wrangle to win or obtain by quarreling.