Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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dais a raised platform for speakers or the seating of special guests.
denote to be a mark or sign of.
edict an order or decree proclaimed by someone in authority.
enumerate to name or list one by one.
equanimity the quality of remaining calm, serene, or unruffled, especially under stress; composure.
linguistic of or pertaining to language or the study of language.
misdeed an unacceptable, evil, or illegal act.
mundane of or pertaining to what is common and everyday; ordinary; commonplace.
ossify to become inflexible or rigid, as in thought or behavior.
pejorative acting or tending to create a negative impression; disparaging; demeaning.
presumptuous excessively bold or forward.
salient extremely noticeable or prominent; conspicuous; important.
sanctify to make sacred or holy; consecrate.
short-term covering, lasting, or completed in a short period.
tantamount equal to or the same as; equivalent.