Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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callous not having kindness; not sensitive; having a hard heart.
discrepancy lack of agreement; difference; inconsistency.
epoch an important period in human history.
feign to pretend or fake; put on a false show of.
harmonious characterized by agreement or accord.
hermetic preventing or sealed to prevent the influx or escape of air; airtight.
incognito in disguise; under a false identity.
inherent existing in or belonging to something as an essential or inborn part of its nature; innate; intrinsic.
intuition the power to know or understand something without thinking it through in a logical way.
microcosm a small, complete whole; tiny world.
multiplicity a large number; abundance.
precedent an action that may serve as an example for future acts of the same nature.
rectitude moral or ethical propriety; uprightness.
rhetoric the art, ability, or study of using language effectively in speech or writing, especially to influence or persuade one's audience.
tentative not yet fully developed or definitely decided; provisional.