Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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chattel any article of property not attached to lands or buildings; movable property.
confidant one to whom a secret or secrets are entrusted.
depersonalize to cause to lose individual identity or characteristics.
derivation the source of a thing; origin.
drivel foolish or silly speech or ideas.
impede to slow or block the movement or progress of; hinder.
periphery the outer boundary or edge of an area or surface, or the region directly inside or outside of this.
presumption a belief that is taken for granted but not proved.
progression the act of moving forward or onward.
putrid of, concerning, or exhibiting rot or decomposition.
receptive open and willing to accommodate new thoughts and ideas.
repugnant extremely distasteful to one's senses or principles; disgusting.
sacrilege the violation, profane treatment, or destruction of some place or thing that is considered to be holy.
sardonic bitterly mocking; derisive; scornful.
squalid dirty or foul, as from neglect.