Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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bombast boastful, pompous, or otherwise overblown utterances.
crux an essential, basic, crucial, or pivotal point.
diminution the act, process, or result of decreasing or declining.
energize to inspire, make active, or enliven.
eventuality something that might happen; contingent occurrence.
expiate to atone or make amends for (a sin, crime, offense, or the like).
inane devoid of meaning or substance; nonsensical.
indigent without financial means to live; needy; poor.
leer to give a sideways or nasty look or smile suggestive of malicious or sexual thoughts.
matriculate to enroll or be enrolled in an organization, especially a college or university.
Philistine (sometimes lower case) one who is ignorant of, smugly indifferent to, or hostile to aesthetic and cultural values.
promenade a leisurely walk, especially in a public place.
pugnacious ready or eager to fight; overly aggressive or quarrelsome.
vernacular spoken by the native or common people of a region or country.
viscid of a gluelike consistency.