Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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bedlam a situation or scene of confused disorder and uproar.
coroner a public officer employed to investigate by inquest any death not thought to have occurred by natural causes.
instigate to purposely agitate or incite; provoke; foment.
lewd characterized by vulgarity or offensively explicit sexual references; bawdy.
lineage1 descent from or the descendants of a common or particular ancestor or ancestry.
nonchalant not showing excitement or anxiety; coolly confident, unflustered, or unworried;casually indifferent.
notation a system of signs used to stand for numbers, words, or musical notes.
ominous giving a sign of future evil or trouble.
opulent having or displaying wealth or richness.
perpendicular at a right angle to.
regimen a regulated routine of therapy or exercise designed to promote health or fitness.
rile to make angry; irritate or annoy.
shackle a metal band or one of a pair of metal rings used to bind the wrist or ankle of a prisoner or animal.
stature relative status as measured by skill or achievement; reputation.
uninformative conveying little or no knowledge or understanding.