Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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allure to attract by appealing to desires or wishes; tempt.
castigation the act of rebuking, severely criticizing, or punishing, especially in a public forum.
confection a sweetened candy or fruit.
dissertation a formal and usually lengthy exposition in speech or writing, especially a detailed report of research by a candidate for a doctoral degree.
doctrinaire dogmatically adhering to a theory or a school of thought, regardless of its practicality.
equestrian of or relating to horseback riding.
indisposed slightly and temporarily ill, as with indigestion or a cold.
intemperance lack of restraint in the indulgence of an appetite, especially the consumption of alcohol.
irreverent not having or showing respect.
mediation the act or process of mediating between two disputing or disagreeing parties to bring about a resolution; arbitration.
reputable known to be held in esteem; respected.
skeptical having or showing doubt; questioning.
spellbind to hold fascinated, as by magicl; enchant.
stagnate to be or become motionless, fouled, or lacking in energy, originality, or development.
veracity conformance to fact; accuracy; truth.