Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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affront something that is said or done on purpose to be rude or mean.
certitude the state, condition, or feeling of freedom from uncertainty or doubt.
conscript a military recruit summoned by draft; draftee.
denunciation the act of verbally condemning or attacking.
impiety lack of reverence or respect, especially for what others consider sacred.
incarnate having bodily form; personified.
indeterminate not fixed, clear, or precise; indefinite or uncertain.
indolent inclined to avoid exertion or effort; lazy.
infidelity unfaithfulness, especially to marital vows; adultery.
interdependent relying on or needing one another.
invocation the act or process of calling out to a god, muse, or the like, for help, support, or inspiration.
permeable of a substance, being such that gas or liquid can penetrate or diffuse through it.
rampant unrestrained or uncontrollable; unbridled.
rudimentary of or pertaining to the basic or first principles; elementary.
strident harsh-sounding or loud; raucous; grating.