Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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abridge to make shorter.
collusion action undertaken in secret partnership or collaboration, usually for illicit purposes.
culminate to arrive at a climax or conclusion (usually followed by "in").
fiasco an utter and shameful failure.
imitative of, involving, or characterized by reproduction or copying; not original.
juxtaposition the state of being placed side by side, especially for the purposes of comparison and contrast.
perspicacity keenness of mental perception or grasp; astuteness.
posthumous beginning, occurring, or continuing after one's death.
rancorous feeling or showing bitter resentment; hateful.
sensory of or pertaining to hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, or touching.
solemnize to carry out the formalities of performance required by (an occasion).
striate to mark with stripes or furrows.
subpoena in law, a formal written order summoning a witness to give testimony or requiring that specified evidence be submitted.
unfeigned not pretended or false; genuine; sincere.
verdant green.