Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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boor a rough-mannered or insensitive person.
capitulate to surrender or acquiesce.
disquiet lack of mental calm or peace; anxiety; uneasiness.
dysfunctional of a relationship, family, or social group, not working normally or in a way beneficial to all.
execrable of very poor quality; extremely inferior.
exhaustive thorough and all-encompassing.
facilitate to make less difficult; help in the doing of.
jocose inclined to joke; jovial; merry.
parable a very short story told to teach a moral or religious lesson.
pathological afflicted with or caused by a physical or especially a mental disorder.
pejorative acting or tending to create a negative impression; disparaging; demeaning.
purge to free or rid (usually followed by "of" or "from").
stigmatize to label or brand as disgraceful or shameful.
unconscionable not restrained or guided by a concern for what is right and just; unprincipled.
wrangle to win or obtain by quarreling.