Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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affluence material wealth.
demure quiet, shy, modest, or reserved in manner.
despot a ruler who has complete power and authority.
distillation the process of heating a substance to produce a vapor, which is then cooled and condensed, in order to purify, concentrate, or extract components from the substance.
materialism great or excessive concern with the acquisition of wealth or possessions, especially as opposed to the attainment of spiritual goals.
meritorious having worth or high quality; deserving of praise or reward.
ogle to look or stare at (someone) in a lustful or flirtatious manner.
pessimistic feeling in a negative way about things; expecting the worst to happen.
prescriptive that prescribes; setting down rules.
prodigal imprudent and excessive in spending; extravagant.
proletarian of, pertaining or belong to, or characteristic of the working class, especially laborers who lack capital.
revelry noisy merrymaking.
stalwart steady and loyal; reliable.
tactile of, having, or pertaining to the sense of touch.
terse effectively brief and to the point; concise; pithy.