Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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amorphous lacking definite form, shape, or character.
antecedent an event, circumstance, or thing coming before another.
concomitant existing or happening at the same time as something else, especially as the less important thing or event; accompanying; attendant.
connote to suggest or imply (meanings or associations) in addition to the literal meaning.
copious abundant in number or quantity; plentiful.
devoid not having something; totally lacking.
egotistical self-centered or selfish.
encroachment the act of exceeding proper or intended limits, as of territory or property.
focal of or relating to focus.
gallantry admirable courage.
irreparable impossible to repair, restore, or rectify.
itinerary a detailed plan of travel.
morose gloomy or sullen.
rancorous feeling or showing bitter resentment; hateful.
shamble to walk slowly, unsteadily, or awkwardly.