Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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beneficent tending to do good; kindly; charitable.
conspirator a person who is involved in a plot with others to perform or a criminal or wrongful act.
frenetic frantic; frenzied.
heterogeneous made up of parts or members that differ from each other. (Cf. homogeneous.)
incorrigible incapable of being controlled or influenced for the better.
insular closed to new ideas; narrow-minded.
lamentable deserving to be mourned or regretted; deplorable; unfortunate; disappointing.
maternal of, having to do with, or like a mother.
miff to cause (someone) to become annoyed; offend.
monologue a long speech or reading given by a single speaker.
prelude an introductory event or act; preface; preliminary.
sedate composed and dignified.
tenacity the quality or condition of holding on strongly or persistently to something.
unfrock to deprive of priestly status.
vigil a watch or period of surveillance, especially one kept during normal sleeping hours.