Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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bequeath to leave or dispose of (property) by a will.
compulsive driven by an obsession or compulsion.
dint force or impact.
hallow to respect or honor highly; venerate.
lenient not strict with rules; tolerant.
misguide to misdirect or lead astray.
odious provoking or deserving of hatred; loathsome or repellent.
proponent one who proposes or favors an idea, doctrine, course of action, or the like.
sacrosanct so important or revered as to be beyond any alteration or criticism.
salutary having or intended to have a beneficial effect.
Spartan (usually lower case) characterised by simplicity and austerity.
temperamental changeable as to mood, nature, operability, or the like; unpredictable.
tryst a meeting held at a specified time and place, especially a secret meeting of lovers; rendezvous.
veer to change direction; turn quickly.
vivacity the characteristic or state of being vivacious; liveliness; sprightliness; animation.