Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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claimant one who alleges something to be true or demands something as one's right.
complacent too satisfied with oneself or one's situation.
complaisance willingness to please.
detractor one who criticizes or disparages an idea, cause, or person to undermine support or popularity.
ensue to occur as the result of an earlier event.
fluency the ability to speak or write smoothly and easily in another language.
insubordinate unwilling to respect or submit to authority; disobedient.
philosophy the study of the nature of life, truth, knowledge, and other important human matters,
quizzical expressing doubt, confusion, or questioning; puzzled.
readjust to adapt oneself anew.
remonstrance the act or an instance of protesting or objecting.
sear1 to burn or scorch the outside of.
subside to become less; decrease.
tantamount equal to or the same as; equivalent.
tryst a meeting held at a specified time and place, especially a secret meeting of lovers; rendezvous.