Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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armistice an agreement by groups of people or countries at war to stop fighting; truce.
coherent lumping, holding, or sticking together.
contend to struggle; fight against difficulties or opposition.
electrify to shock, startle, or excite.
entrench to establish firmly and unchangeably.
imperturbable not easily excited or disturbed; calm.
implausible hard to believe or credit.
mandatory ordered; required; obligatory.
ostentatious done or designed with the intention of impressing others and consequently overly showy or grandiose; pretentious.
parody a humorous imitation in print, music, or performance of a serious person, work of art, or publication.
perfectionist one who tends not to be satisfied with less than flawless performance from herself or himself.
perforate to make a hole in.
progeny a descendant, or descendants collectively; offspring.
raucous loud, sharp, and rasping, as, at times, a bird's call or a human's voice or laugh.
unintelligible not able to be understood, as spoken or written language.