Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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abhorrence a feeling of complete loathing, repulsion, or horror.
amorphous lacking definite form, shape, or character.
disparity the condition or an instance of being unlike, unequal, or of different kinds; difference.
foretaste a partial, advance experience or realization of something that will come or happen in the future.
fusion the act of fusing or joining together.
misdemeanor in law, a class of illegal act that is less serious than a felony and carries a lighter sentence; minor offense.
montage the technique of juxtaposing or superimposing images in a photograph or on motion picture film.
ornamentation decoration; embellishment.
restive unable to remain at rest; impatient or ill at ease, especially under restraint.
stoical showing little or no emotion in reaction to painful or pleasant experiences.
tout to publicize flatteringly and boastfully.
troublesome causing anxiety, worry, or bother.
uncouth lacking manners or refinement; rude, vulgar, or gauche.
unnoticed not seen, perceived, or discovered.
wince to draw suddenly back or away from something painful or frightening.