Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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aristocracy a class of people who have a high social position because of the family they are born into. Members of the aristocracy are usually richer and have more privileges than other members of society.
ebullient highly enthusiastic, happily excited, or spirited.
ensue to occur as the result of an earlier event.
equity the quality of being fair and reasonable; fairness.
filch to steal (usually something of slight value) in a sly manner; pilfer.
humbug something without substance or meaning, such as an idea or argument; nonsense.
imitative of, involving, or characterized by reproduction or copying; not original.
informant one who reports or confides what he or she knows to another; source.
malady an illness of the body or mind.
ratify to approve in an official way; confirm.
ravenous very hungry; starved.
rehabilitate to restore to good health or to an otherwise improved state of being.
surreptitious made, performed, or achieved by stealth or in secret.
therapeutic of, pertaining to, or capable of healing; curative.
tumult the noise and commotion of a large crowd; uproar.