Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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ferocity the quality or state of being cruelly savage or fierce.
figurative not meant to be interpreted in a literal way; metaphorical.
incongruity the condition of being inappropriate or inconsistent.
naturalistic exhibiting or pertaining to naturalism.
patron a regular customer of a shop, restaurant, or some other business.
pillage to openly and forcefully seize goods from, as during a war; plunder.
posterity all generations to come.
potent having strength; powerful.
predilection an inclination to favor something; partiality or preference.
quaff to drink, especially deeply and with obvious enjoyment.
recapitulate to briefly review (the main points) of a spoken or written exchange or communication.
sordid morally bad; ignoble or base.
spat1 a short, slight quarrel.
temperance habitual moderation in the use of alcoholic drink, or complete abstinence.
wan very pale.