Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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aggrandize to make, or cause to appear, grander in wealth, stature, power, or influence; exalt.
combatant someone or something that engages in fighting, especially as part of warfare.
demean1 to lower in esteem, stature, or dignity; degrade.
demur to object or indicate opposition to something.
endemic common in, native to, or restricted to a given place or population.
expedient suitable or advantageous for the purpose or in the circumstances.
frolicsome full of high spirits, gaiety, or merriment; playful.
heretofore prior to this time; before now.
iconoclastic attacking or breaking away from established traditions, beliefs, or values.
manifesto a public statement of principles and intentions, usually by an organized political group or person.
reassess to evaluate again.
retraction a withdrawal or disavowal of an opinion, promise, or the like.
rigorous showing strictness or sternness.
scourge someone or something that inflicts punishment or causes suffering or destruction.
tempestuous characterized by disturbance or commotion; stormy; turbulent.