Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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annals a chronological record of events, usually year by year.
bonanza anything that brings great wealth and prosperity.
eloquence skill or ability to use language that impresses or persuades.
imperturbable not easily excited or disturbed; calm.
iniquity great injustice or wickedness.
intone to recite in musical or lengthened tones, especially in a monotone; chant.
particularity precise or detailed character.
prospectus a written description or summary of a proposed project.
remuneration pay, reward, or compensation.
revel to feel great pleasure; rejoice (usually followed by "in").
skirmish a minor or preliminary battle between small military units.
torrid parched or scorched by the sun, as a geographic area.
tribulation severe suffering or affliction; distress.
voluptuous full of or characterized by sensual pleasures.
wayward difficult to control; willfully disobedient.