Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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arraign to bring before a court of law to respond to a charge or indictment.
cohesion the state or quality of having parts that are logically ordered or connected into a whole.
despot a ruler who has complete power and authority.
emulate to try to be the same as or better than (another person), especially by imitating.
imprecise not exact, accurate, or well-defined; vague.
incongruity the condition of being inappropriate or inconsistent.
incur to become liable for or bring upon oneself (usually some unwanted or harmful consequence).
inexplicable unable to be explained or interpreted.
morbid in an unhealthy, gloomy mental state; preoccupied with sickness, abnormality, or death.
prevalent generally accepted; pervasive; widespread.
propaganda information or opinions that are made public to promote or attack a movement, cause, or person.
quell to overpower or suppress with force; put down; quash.
tryst a meeting held at a specified time and place, especially a secret meeting of lovers; rendezvous.
verdant green.
vivacity the characteristic or state of being vivacious; liveliness; sprightliness; animation.