Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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astral of, concerning, emanating from, or resembling the stars; stellar.
avocation a secondary occupation, usually one pursued for recreation; hobby.
clemency the inclination to be merciful or forgiving; leniency.
condescension patronizing, arrogant behavior or attitude.
edifice a building, especially a large or impressive structure.
graphic of or related to pictures or writing such as photography, painting, and printing.
invoke to call out to (a god, muse, or the like) for help, support, protection, or inspiration.
materialism great or excessive concern with the acquisition of wealth or possessions, especially as opposed to the attainment of spiritual goals.
parity equality in amount, status, strength, or the like.
parsimony excessive unwillingness to spend money or use resources; stinginess.
predominant being the chief or greatest in importance, status, influence, or the like.
propensity a natural or inborn tendency, aptitude, or preference (often followed by an infinitive or "for").
reassess to evaluate again.
resplendent full of splendor; radiant; shining.
satiate to glut or fill to excess; oversupply; surfeit.