Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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benevolent desiring to do good for others; generous.
caprice a sudden, impulsive change of mind or direction, or an unpredictable action.
condole to express sympathy or sorrow for one suffering misfortune or pain.
creditor someone to whom money is owed.
forestall to prevent or hinder by taking action beforehand.
garish marked by excessive or tasteless color or decoration; gaudy; flashy.
inducement something used to persuade someone to a course of action; incentive.
invigorate to fill with energy, strength, or life.
martinet a person who enforces very strict discipline, especially in the military.
receptive open and willing to accommodate new thoughts and ideas.
reciprocity a mutual interchange of privileges or favors between two nations, groups, or institutions.
titular having a title but none of the power or responsibility related to it; nominal.
underrate to value or appreciate insufficiently; underestimate.
verbose using or characterized by many or superfluous words; wordy.
wrest to take away with, or as if with, a twist or pull.