Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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amalgam a mixture of diverse components.
avuncular of, concerning, or like an uncle; kind; benevolent.
bourgeois of, related to, or characteristic of the middle class.
capacious able to contain a large amount; roomy.
demoralize to weaken or destroy the confidence, courage, spirit, or morale of.
epitaph on a gravestone or tomb, an inscription commemorating the dead person.
inkling a blurry or partial idea or understanding.
parry to deflect or knock aside (a blow or stroke), as with one's weapon in fencing.
referendum the submission of a legislative measure to a vote by the general public, or the vote thus taken.
rue1 to regret, repent of, or feel sorry about.
self-determination the ability or freedom of a people to decide their own form of government.
solace comfort or consolation in times of sorrow or suffering.
taint to slightly corrupt or pollute.
throe (usually plural) any convulsive or anguished struggle, or great exertion.
transgression the act or an instance of violating a law, religious commandment, or the like; sin; crime; trespass.