Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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abstain to choose not to do something.
alienate to cause to become unfriendly or averse; estrange.
cacophonous characterized by a discordant, sometimes unpleasant, mixture of sounds.
compile to gather information together to form one written work.
condescend to act as if one were of superior rank or station, treating others as inferior; patronize.
criteria a set of standards or tests by which to judge or decide something.
droll wryly amusing or humorous.
explicate to make clear or explain completely.
jollity the state or quality of being merry; gaiety.
pitfall an unexpected or hidden danger.
reprehensible deserving of blame or reproof; condemnable; blameworthy.
stolid neither feeling nor showing much range of emotion; impassive.
sublime exalted or noble; lofty.
turbulence commotion, violent disorder, or unrest.
vie to compete with another for victory, superiority, or the like (usually followed by "for").