Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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bivouac a temporary encampment, especially military, without protecting shelter.
bolster to give support with a cushion or pillow.
enmity the mutual feeling of enemies toward each other; hatred; hostility; antagonism.
felicitous well-suited or apt; very appropriate.
imbibe to take up or consume by drinking.
inducement something used to persuade someone to a course of action; incentive.
invective strongly abusive or denunciatory speech or language.
medley a musical piece that uses the melodies from several different pieces of music.
odorous having or giving off a distinctive or strong smell.
proclivity a natural tendency or inclination; propensity or predisposition.
quaff to drink, especially deeply and with obvious enjoyment.
ruddy reddish; rosy.
schematic of, pertaining to, or formed like an outline or diagram.
seedy unkempt or shabby.
speculative of, pertaining to, or based on conjecture or theorizing.