Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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absolutist of or relating to government by total, unrestrained power.
acclaim to show enthusiastic approval of.
auspice (usually plural) sponsorship or protection; patronage.
caprice a sudden, impulsive change of mind or direction, or an unpredictable action.
congruity the state or fact of being similar in character or degree;correspondence or fit.
extrapolate to make an estimate or inference of (future probability or the like) on the basis of what is already known or has already occurred.
hydraulic of, concerning, operated by, or moved by water or another liquid under pressure.
indelible incapable of being removed or obliterated; permanent.
onus an unwanted but necessary task; burden.
opinionated having definite and unchangeable views of things, often seemingly on all subjects.
pessimistic feeling in a negative way about things; expecting the worst to happen.
repulsion extreme distaste, disgust, or aversion.
stanza a group of related lines in a poem that make up one section within the poem. Stanzas often have a regular meter and rhyme pattern.
staunch2 unwaveringly firm or loyal.
tenacious holding on or tending to hold on strongly or persistently (sometimes followed by "of").